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EFT PROCEDURE - Shortcut Version

Shortening the tapping sequence to include the Top of the Head point through the UnderArm point shortens the time involved.

The “Shortcut” Sequence includes:

• TH= Top of Head / Crown
• EB = Beginning of the Eyebrow
• SE = Side of the Eye
• UE = Under the Eye
• UN = Under the Nose
• CH = Chin
• CB = Beginning if the Collarbone
• UA = Under the Arm

These charts are available in HTML and PDF format. Feel free to print these charts for distribution as long as you:

1) Do not sell them in any way, and

2) Keep our contact information on them


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EFT Shortcut Version in PDF format
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it's available online for free.

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If you experience NO RELIEF after a few rounds of tapping, please visit EFT Tips and Hints or see the *EFT Full Version

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