Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine

by Gwenn Bonnell

Fly Jet Lag Free with EFT Emotiona Freedom Techniques TappingWhen traveling across time zones, it sometimes takes a few days to recover from jet lag and enjoy your vacation.

Years ago, I flew from Miami to Greece… and back again. I was very excited about the trip, except when I remembered the jet lag effect I felt in my pre-EFT days when I flew from Miami to London. I wasn’t looking forward to that groggy, slightly nauseous and out-of-it feeling.

So I decided to use EFT to address the jet lag affect during my flight.

During the layover in Frankfurt, I was awake, alert and hungry. I didn't have that dirty, grungy feeling that I had on my previous transatlantic flight. Actually, the time I spent at the airport was fun!

Upon arrival in Athens, I was wide awake and alert. After exploring the city and shopping a bit, I ate dinner, took a relaxing bath, went to bed around 11PM, and slept through the entire night.

The next morning, I was wide awake at 8AM. That day, the people I was traveling with were pretty sleepy by early evening. They were having trouble staying awake during dinner! But I was totally on local time, and other than tired feet, feeling fine!

Traveling back to the States was just as successful! I used EFT during the flight and when we arrived back home I was totally in the swing of things. My husband, however, did not use EFT and it took him a few days to recover.

**What Causes Jet Lag**

Jet Lag is caused by a disturbance in the body's circadian rhythm during air travel across time zones.

Simply put, the biological clock of your body is out of alignment with the Earth's time clock. The circadian rhythms that release hormones like adrenaline (to keep you awake) and melatonin (to help you sleep) are out of sync.

Normally, it takes a few days for your body to adapt to the new time zone.

**How EFT Eliminates Jet Lag**

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the most effective treatment for jet lag I have experienced.

I applied EFT every two hours during my flights, and again right before landing.

During the first part of the flight, I kept track of what time zone we were flying through and the time zone my body thought it was in.

Further into the flight, however, I could actually FEEL my body go out of alignment with the current time zone, usually every two hours or so.

I would immediately use EFT, going a few rounds of tapping each time.

I could literally FEEL MY BODY CLOCK SHIFT when I applied EFT. The grogginess cleared up immediately, I felt more in sync, more alert, able to concentrate during daylight hours, and able to sleep during nighttime hours.

Use EFT to address the disturbance in the time field, or to simply address jet lag. I used “Even though my body clock is out of alignment with the earth's clock, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and my body" for one round of EFT, followed by a round for jet lag, "Even though I STILL have SOME of this jet lag, I deeply and completely accept myself."

If I still felt a bit out of alignment, I would tap one more round, saying, “Even though my body clock is still a bit out of alignment with the earth's clock, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and my body, and choose to have my body clock completely align with the earth's clock right now!"

I also abstained from alcohol, drank lots of water, and got up every two hours or so to stretch my legs, use the bathroom, etc.
Another trick is to set your watch to the correct time for the time zone you are traveling to about halfway through the flight.

If you still have jet lag symptoms once you arrive at your destination, (feeling sleepy, groggy, irritable, etc.) address those specific symptoms with EFT. Of course, you could always treat your jet lag with "Even though my body clock is still not aligned with the earth's clock…" or simply "Even though I have this jet lag…"

Experiment and see what works best for you… and enjoy your travels!

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