Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine

with the Temporal Tap

By Gwenn Bonnell
Published Quality Life Magazine, Jan. 2002

I was skeptical when I first heard about tapping in positive statements to increase the flow of money into my life - affirmations were not my cup of tea. But I'll try almost anything once. So when a good friend of mine shared a powerful affirmation proven to increase self–esteem and attract abundance, I changed the wording around a bit to make it mine, and then experimented with my statement using the Temporal Tap technique.

Five days later, I was unexpectedly handed a check for over $18,000.00 and told to do with the money as I wished! And I mean this was TOTALLY unexpected, out of the blue. The day after that, our house was appraised at $75,000.00 more than we bought it for a few years prior. Within three weeks, my husband and I became proud owners of a condo on the beach - without having to pay cash up front. Now, although I have an abundant life, this was a pretty unusual four—week period, even for me! I was totally sold on the power of the Temporal Tap.

The "Temporal Tap" is a recently rediscovered ancient energy technique that is enormously effective in breaking old habits, attitudes and emotional responses and establishing new ones. Simply tapping around the top of the ear is a simple, direct and powerful tool that makes the brain more receptive to learning new habits and instilling new attitudes. It calms the part of the nervous system that fights to maintain your current belief systems and patterns of behavior, making it easy to instill new beliefs and attract success and prosperity into your life.


Begin by identifying a habit, attitude, or condition in your life that you would like to change. Then describe the change in a single sentence, and state it as an affirmation in present time as if the condition already exists. For example, you could say, "I joyfully receive abundance in my life," or "Right now, I am prosperous," or even "I always have more than enough money to pay my bills." Affirmations can be anything you wish to become true and operative in your life. They can be specific, such as, "I easily and successfully attract 5 new customers every day," or general, such as "There are plenty of customers for my services." And they can be used to increase success, no matter what your career choice: "I am making good money being a writer, artist, mechanic, hairdresser, etc."

It is important that the statements are in your native language or the one you are most comfortable with, in your own lingo, and aligned with your own values. For easy recall, make them short and to the point.

To perform the Temporal Tap, start tapping at the right temple in front of the ear canal and continue tapping on the scalp along the top edge of the ear until you reach the back center of the ear, just opposite where you started. The active spots are only along the upper half of the ear, from front center to back center. Tapping with all your fingertips bunched together ensures that you contact all the points along the Temporal—Sphenoidal (T—S) line. You do not have to tap too hard, just firmly enough to stimulate the energy. Perform three tapping repetitions, each time repeating your affirmation.

Since the effects of the Temporal Tap last about thirty minutes, wait at least that long or more before repeating the tap with the same affirmation. Doing the procedure several times a day can speed up the installation of new behavior and attitudes since reinforcement is an important part of the process. I tapped in my statement seven times a day at least. The more you tap in the affirmation, the quicker and stronger the effect and the easier your habits will change.

For increased effectiveness, write down your affirmation to make sure you are using the exact wording each time. However, if you think of a more appropriate statement, write down the new version and use that instead.

Temporal Tap separately for as many affirmations as you wish as long as you can easily address them all at least several times a day on a daily basis. Once your statement has become a part of your life, you can replace it with a new one.

Pay attention to what is going through your mind while you are saying the affirmations. For example, if you are stating, "I deserve prosperity and abundance in my life," and your self talk replies, "This is useless, I'm not educated enough to be rich," your statement isn't ringing true for you and needs to be changed. Perhaps saying, "I now have the ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that create prosperity," would be more effective. If you are stating, "Money flows easily into my life," and you hear the words, "My parents lived from paycheck to paycheck and so will I," then try something similar to, "I am more abundant than my parents because they want it that way." Be creative with your affirmations; find one that really resonates for you and that you can believe in.


Affirmations could be stated as, "I constantly do everything necessary to establish a positive flow of money in my life," "The universe always supports me," or "Everything I touch is a success." One student of mine used "My income increases whether I am working, sleeping or playing," and got hired at the next job she applied for. Another student's affirmations included "I'm helping lots and lots of people," and "I'm making oodles and oodles of money." Soon after, she took advantage of an opportunity to increase her client base and her income. She is now tapping in "I'm making a minimum of $500.00 a week." The possibilities for constructive affirmations are endless.

Temporal Tapping has helped people build confidence, optimism, and self–esteem while replacing old habits with constructive behavior. It can be used for almost any area of your personal life, including mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, domestic, and social. People have used it to lose weight (I enjoy eating healthy foods in the proper portions), to improve job performance (Right now, I complete my tasks easily and correctly), and even to stop fingernail biting (My fingernails are growing long and strong.) It is a simple yet powerful way to change many patterns or habits. Focus on what part of your life you most want to change, and create a simple affirmation that reflects your highest ideals.

What affirmation did I instill to bring newly found abundance into my life? "Right now, I deeply and completely accept myself in the presence of other people." You are welcome to experiment with this statement if it resonates with you. If you ever feel the Temporal Tap is not working, try changing the wording of the affirmation. Remember, it is important that the statement is comfortable for you and clearly reflects your goals. Use the language you are most familiar with, and words that are aligned with your values and feelings. Go for it: this is your chance to attract abundance into your life, right now!

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Gwenn Bonnell is an International Energy Coach & Trainer who uses Energy Methods (including the Temporal Tap and EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help you empower yourself.

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