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Energy Alignment, Part 3: Protect Your Energies
by Gwenn Bonnell

This is the third installment in my Energy Alignment series. Each of these procedures can be used in a pinch on their own to help rebalance and center yourself. When they are put together as a daily routine you will find yourself more energetic, better able to cope with stress, and less likely to contract an illness…and the only cost is a few minutes of your time!

The first newsletter explains how to wake up your energies, clear reversals, and boost your immune system and metabolism. Last week’s newsletter explains how to center you aura. This week explains how to protect and strengthen your energies. Next week is the final installment on how to stay open to the universal life force we all need, with a recap of all four newsletters.

Do-It-Yourself Energy Alignment
Part 3: Protect and Strengthen Your Energies

Have you ever walked into a room, and someone looked you in the face and then used their eyes to trace straight down the front of your body? How did that feel?

We do that to others, mostly subconsciously, when we want them to be more “open” to our influence.

You know the difference between walking in a room where everyone feels good…and walking into a room where everyone is upset, tense, or stressed. Intuitively, you “sense” the different energies. And often, your energy system ends up taking on these energies.

In my “Muscle Testing” workshops, I demonstrate this. First, the participants muscle test each other while they are thinking positive thoughts…and they test strong. Then they think of someone who “bothers” them…and muscle test weak. This proves that even your own thoughts can weaken your energies.

Then, we all do the “Zip Up.” Once gain, they think about the person who “bothers” them…and they now test strong! Once they are “zipped up” even their own negative thoughts don’t disrupt their energies!

Especially if you are sensitive, empathic, or spend your day working one-on-one with people and their emotions, it’s important to be able to protect your own energy system from taking on the energies of others. Staying strong and centered will only aid you in assisting others since you are not getting caught in their emotional turmoil.

As a tool to stop taking on the negative emotions of your coworkers, boss, or spouse, the Zip Up is invaluable in helping you maintain your own center.

“Zipping Up” follows the natural flow of energy through the Central Meridian from the pubic bone to the lower lip in the front of your body. This is your antenna to the outside world, the radio receiver that is highly sensitive to other people’s thoughts and feelings, as well as your own. highly sensitive to people’s thoughts and feelings, including your own.

Tracing in the natural direction energy is flowing through the Central Meridian allows you to feel more confident, more positive, more centered, and to think more clearly. The chakras are situated behind the central meridian, so this exercise helps protect your entire energy system from negative energies.

The Zip Up
(For more information and the chart, visit The Zip Up or http://www.tapintoheaven.com/2stuff/stufprotec.shtml)

a) Rub the palms of your hands together in a circular direction.

b) Place your hand (or both hands), palm facing the body, at the bottom end of the central meridian, which is at your pubic bone.

c) Inhale deeply as you move your hand slowly straight up the center of your body to meet your lower lip. Imagine pulling up a zipper to close it.

d) Repeat three times. The last time, imagine “locking” the top of the zipper, and putting the key is a safe place.

Saying affirmations while doing this exercise is extremely powerful. While you zip up, it may be helpful to say "I am clear, centered, and confident" or something similar for your specific situation.

The only time you wouldn’t want to “Zip Up” is when you are ALREADY feeling upset or overly emotional. You don’t want to trap those energies inside of you! First, you might want to “Unzip” by tracing the energy from below the lower lip down to the pelvic bone. As a colleague of mine, Jean Bonnen (jbonnen@aol.com) explains, “Imagine fuzzy black tennis balls falling out of you as you release all the pent up emotions. Once you are feeling calm again, you can then ‘Zip Up’.”

You can do the zip up first thing in the morning or as often as often as you wish. It's a great technique to use before going to class, to work, or in any social situation, especially if you are sensitive to crowds or other people's energies.

“Hooking Up” your yin and yang gives you a tremendous burst of healing energies, unscrambles your energies when you feel a bit “off,” keeps your aura solid, and provides protection from other people’s illnesses. By holding these two points you are connecting the energies that flow from the front (the Central Meridian) to the back (the Governing Meridian) of the body along with bridging the energy between the head and the body.

I’ll use the Hook Up in sessions when someone is disassociating from their body or can’t feel their emotions. It’s also a very powerful technique to use to recover from seizures of any kind. If someone can’t hold their hook up points, you can do it for them.

The Hook Up
a) Hook the middle finger of one hand into your belly button and the middle finger of your other hand between your eyebrows at the third eye point.

b) With a firm touch, pull each finger up slightly, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax.

c) Hold these points for a couple of minutes, until you feel yourself spontaneously sigh or take a deep breath. This indicates that the Central and Governing meridian are “hooked up.”

Since the Hook Up strengthens all your energies, it is wonderful to hold these points whenever you are ill. Especially for seriously ill people, holding these points for five minutes or so can refresh their entire system.

Since the Hook Up cements any healing process, it good to get into the habit of finishing any healing session, or daily routine, by holding these points.

Be on the lookout for my next newsletter! I will finish this “Energy Alignment” with the “Crown Pull” to release excess energy and open the crown Chakra to inspirational energies and the life force that constantly flows through us. Plus, I will recap the entire energy alignment procedure.

Keep tapping for health and vitality!

Love & light,


Gwenn Bonnell is an International Energy Coach & Trainer and the author of many programs that teach you how to use EFT and Energy Medicine to boost your energy, improve your health, remove your blocks to success, reduce stress and bring zest back into your life...

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