Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine

Use EFT Tapping to Release Any Blocks
To Setting Exciting Goals That Lead to True Happiness

by Gwenn Bonnell

***NOTE: This article supposes that you are familiar with EFT
(Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping. If you are not,
please visit the EFT section for a step-by-step diagram of the process.***

Caroline Myss, author of Energy Anatomy, states that we are
creative beings…we can’t not create. In fact, we are always
creating our own world.

All religions, all philosophies, metaphysics, and psychologies
focus on the universal truth that you become what you think
about most of the time. Your thoughts become your reality.

Successful, happy people think about their goals and talk about how to achieve them. Unsuccessful, unhappy people think about what they don’t want, and talk about their problems and worries.

What energy are you projecting into the world? Remember like attracts like. Are you focused on continually working on being, having, and achieving more of the things you desire? Or are you focused on what you don’t have, on the negative things in your life, attracting more of the same?

Your ability to set goals is the secret of success. Goals unlock your positive mind and release ideas and energy. Once you set an outcome that you are completely congruent with, the brain will organize unconscious behavior in order to achieve it. Energetically, the universe reacts, and the law of magnetic attraction, the law of cause and effect, of like attracting like, gets stronger and stronger. Synchronicity, coincidences happen. Opportunities present themselves; people you need for your project begin appearing in your life.

Unfortunately, we often get sidetracked with all sorts of fears… fears about voicing our ideas, about making the decisions needed to bring our ideas into fruition, about how our life will change, about what others will think about those changes.

This is where EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is so helpful. You will use EFT to release any fears that are holding you back from setting goals, and from taking advantage of all those opportunities and coincidences that will help you reach your goal.


Do you think goals aren’t important? Perhaps you grew up in an atmosphere where nobody set distinct goals. Perhaps now you hang around people who have wishes or dreams to “be happy,” or “make a lot of money,” or “have a nice family life” as opposed to concrete, clear goals. A goal is distinctly different from a wish. Make your goal clear; and WRITE IT DOWN.

Be specific, make it something you can quickly and easily
describe, measure, and know when you have achieved it or not.

NOTE: These are guidelines for EFT Setup Statements and
suggestions for Reminder Phrases (in bold) as you tap through the points. If you are not familiar with EFT, visit the EFT section for a complete explanation, and downlaod your printable chart HERE.

“Even though I have this problem being able to set clear
I always thought it was good enough to dream about
being happy, making a lot of money, or having a nice family,
I accept myself anyway, and choose to write down specific
for my life.”


Do you have any fears about being rejected? Would your
family, your friend criticize or ridicule you about dreaming too
high, about changing your life? Even if you keep your goals
to yourself, people will notice the changes that happen as
you move toward attaining them.

“Even though I have these fears about being rejected by
the people who love me, about being criticized or ridiculed by
them as I change my life, I accept them anyway, I love them,
and I love and accept myself so I choose to empower myself.

“Even though others may not approve of how my life changes
as I reach my goals, of how I change as I become more empowered, I choose to be strong, to stay centered, and to reach for my highest ideals.”

“Even though I’m afraid that others might try to stop me from
reaching my goals, or even from setting goals, that’s OK, I accept them, and I love being in my integrity and knowing that what is for my highest good is for everyone’s highest good.”


Do you have a fear of failure? Failure hurts. Many people unconsciously sabotage themselves by not setting any goals
at which they might fail.

“Even though I have this fear of failure, I’ve tried things before
and failed, so what’s the difference now, it IS different now, I
will set clear, written goals, and choose to enjoy the exciting

“Even though I’ve failed before, I choose to focus on the
people who do support me and will help me create this

“Even though I’ve been hurt by failure before, and might
get hurt again, that’s OK, it’s just part of life, and I now have
the energy I need to overcome any failure and keep myself
focused on my goal. I love being successful
in the end!”


Do you believe that a goal is possible for others to achieve, i.e., other can become millionaires, but not yourself?

Or other people can stick to a weight loss plan, but you can’t? That no matter how much you try, or what you try, it just never works out for you?

If you feel hopeless, there’s no way you will do what you need to achieve your goal.

“Even though I have this problem believing that everything I
do to reach my goal will work for me,
I just don’t believe I
have what it takes to get there, it just never works out for me,
I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to
stay motivated
and happy anyway.”

“Even though I have this hopeless feeling about even making
goals, what’s the use, nothing I do to improve my life ever works,
I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I choose to
increase my confidence
as I achieve my goals step by step.”

“Even though I believe I don’t have the will power, the energy I
need to follow through with everything I need to do to attain my
goal, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway
and choose to overcome any obstacle and develop my competence and abilities.”


“Even though people have always told me that I’m worthless, and I don’t deserve to succeed, I forgive them for what they have said and done to instill this belief in me, and I forgive myself for listening to them. I love feeling empowered as I set and attain my goals.”


“Even though I have these fears that in order to get what I wish for I will lose something important in my life, I accept myself anyway, and choose to do whatever it takes to reach success, prosperity, and personal fulfillment.”

Set your goals daily. Let your imagination soar. What would
give you the greatest sense of meaning and purpose? Write down your goals, listing each and every detail of what you wish to achieve. Be aware of your thoughts and words, always thinking and talking about what you are working towards rather than what you don’t have. Then use EFT to erase anything blocking you from taking action!

Keep tapping for health and vitality!

Love & light, Gwenn

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