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Become Bliss: Activate Your Body's Inner Joy with "Heaven Rushing In"
by Gwenn Bonnell

Candace Pert claims that our bodies are hardwired for joy. But too often we live in stress, which squashes our radiant joy… and if we don’t use it, we lose it.

Deep inside, we know that joy is our natural state. We spend our life seeking things or people that will help us feel happier. Yet somehow feel as if we are missing the point.

Because what brings joy into our life doesn’t really cost us anything. It cannot be bought and sold. But it can be cultivated… if we know how.

Joy is an energy, and the amount of joy and happiness we feel is simply a reflection of how our energies are radiating within and around us. Energy medicine techniques are some of the ways we can activate our life force to feel more joyful and uplifted.

Energy is your body’s best medicine. It is the oldest, the most natural, harmonious, and organic way to keep our bodies thriving… emotionally, physically and spiritually. Best of all, it is safe, free, and available to us at all times.

The capacity for joy really IS hardwired in our bodies, carried along a network of “radiant energies” which bring an uplifting quality to our lives. However, if our radiant energies are not “turned on,” we simply cannot feel joy.

Because they connect the meridians, activate the Chakras, and influence all of the body’s other energies, simply activating our radiant energies will change stress into bliss.

We do many things to spontaneously engage our radiant energies: smiling deeply, listening to music we love, enjoying the beauty of nature or the wonder of a baby, laughing uncontrollably, playing, loving, and dancing.

Our radiant energies feed on themselves, and sitting in front of a computer screen or in the car or on the phone all day can cause these energies to become stagnant.

The following is a simple way to activate all the radiant energies and uplift your spirit, vitality and joy!

Heaven Rushing In

1. If possible, do this outdoors, under the stars or moon or sun. Stand tall, and then ground yourself by placing your hands on your thighs, fingers pointing to the ground, and connect with nature as you feel the energy travel down your arms, through your fingers, down your legs, and deep into the center of the earth.

2. Inhale deeply, open your arms wide above your head, then exhale and bring your hands into a prayer position in front of your chest.

3. Inhale deeply and open your arms wide, lifting them above your head. Look up as you reach toward heaven and release your breath. Take a few moments and feel yourself receiving blessings from the heavens. You may feel a tingle, a buzz, or heat as you invite the healing energies from the cosmos into your hands.

4. Then inhale deeply again as you scoop this energy into the middle of your chest with your open hands. Take a few deep breaths and connect with the vortex in the center of your chest called Heaven Rushing In, as you are scooping the healing energies from the cosmos into your heart.

5. Next, if there is a specific area in your body that needs attention, place your charged hands over that area and let the energies stream in.

With Energy Medicine, persistence pays. Although it may feel wonderful as you do it, because you are establishing new habits in your system, repetition is key. This is so simple, yet doing this daily for a month will make a remarkable difference in your life. As will smiling, laughing, dancing, playing and loving!

At the end of the month, notice how you feel, how those around you react to you, and how they feel about you. Go ahead, be skeptical… but you owe it to yourself to at least try!

Love & light,

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Gwenn Bonnell is an International Energy Coach & Trainer and the author of many programs that teach you how to use EFT and Energy Medicine to boost your energy, improve your health, remove your blocks to success, reduce stress and bring zest back into your life...

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© Copyright Gwenn Bonnell, Tap Into Heaven, Inc., All Rights Reserved

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