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by Gwenn Bonnell

Boost your self-esteem with this powerful daily ritual!

Valentines Day is coming up, along with the full gamut of emotions that come up as we are bombarded by the media.

I remember those feelings of being alone, while everyone else had someone to share Valentines Day with. No one to send me flowers, (or to send flowers to), no one to celebrate with. While the whole world was in love, I was alone.

Realize this is NOT because of who you are (for the core of each of us is love). Being alone, or feeling lonely, is simply a symptom of the energy we reflect to the outside world. It is a reflection of how we feel inside… how we feel about ourselves.

And simply changing this energy will change who and what we attract into our life.

The good news is we can use EFT to change the way we see ourselves, the way we feel about ourselves, and our relationship with other people.

What does this mean? It means that the more love you feel for YOURSELF just the way you are, the more you will attract people into your life that love you for the person you are right now!

I Love Myself

It means the more positive you feel about who you are, you will attract others who react to you in a positive way.

Which creates a win-win situation… you feel positive, attract
people into your life who react to that positive outlook, create
more positive feedback, and the horizon is unlimited.

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to increase your self-love, to uncover and override all the blocks and doubts you have about deserving love, is the “Mirror Exercise.”

This combines taking the time to look deep into your eyes, into yourself, making a statement, and listening for that self-talk that in any way resists you loving yourself.

Then using EFT to get rid of that negative self-talk. Really, it no longer serves you.

Remember, once you do this on a continual basis and change the energies around you, and love yourself for who you really are, and send that energy into the universe, you will start attracting people in your life who support and love you for who you are.

So get ready, and get tapping…

The Mirror Exercise

1) Sit in front of a mirror, relax and look yourself in the eyes, and say to yourself, deep into your eyes, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself, just the way I am right now.”

2) Listen to the self talk inside your head. What is the first reaction you get? Use EFT for that reaction…”Even though I have this problem loving and accepting myself because __________, I love myself and accept myself with this problem, I forgive myself and anyone else that I think may have caused this problem, I allow myself to release everything that is causing me to hold onto this problem, and I now totally release this problem.”

3) Then do the entire EFT tapping sequence, alternating statements between “this problem” and “totally releasing this problem.”

4) Do a second round of EFT for “Even though I STLL have this ___problem___ stopping me from totally accepting myself, I Now allow myself to repair everything in my body and my psyche that is holding onto this ___problem___. I just love feeling free and loving toward myself.”

5) While doing the EFT tapping sequence, alternate between, “remaining problem,” and “I love loving myself,” ending with “I love loving myself.”

Take a few minutes each day doing the mirror exercise. As you love yourself and trust yourself you will attract people into your life that love, trust and support the real you.

Arnold Patent states, “There is no limit to how much love for ourselves we can feel, and there is no limit to the full power of our being. There is, however, a perpetual barrier – our personal reasons for being unlovable.”

EFT away those reasons with the mirror exercise!

Many blessings,

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