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The EFT Personal Peace Procedure
by Gwenn Bonnell

The Personal Peace Procedure is an EFT Tapping tool that, properly applied, is capable of wide ranging relief, either on its own or in conjunction with medical treatment.

(If you are not familiar with EFT, please visit Learn EFT for Free and EFT Download Tutorial )

1. Make a list of every SPECIFIC event you can remember that bothered you at the time. It doesn’t matter if they do not seem to cause you any current discomfort. Take at least 15 minutes or more and list at least 50, and do not be surprised if you find hundreds.

2. Read through your list, and give each specific event a title as though it was a scene in a movie. Examples: My teacher made me stand in the corner… I stole money from Mom’s purse… I fell from my bike and broke my arm… I dropped the ball in the big game… Everyone laughed when answered wrong in class…. Feeling ugly when they called my sister pretty.

3. Number the events in the order of impact… list the top 10 to start. Then apply EFT to each of them in order until you either laugh about it or "can't think about it any more." Address at least one movie scene per day. If you take the time, addressing three specific events each day will supercharge your healing.

Notice any aspects that may come up and address them separately with EFT. You can add these aspects to your list as separate events if you do not have the time to address them in one session. When you continue the process, it is important to pick up where you left off and keep after each event until it is resolved.

4. After the events that cause the biggest reaction have been successfully addressed with EFT, go through your list again and pick the next 10 events, and address those with EFT.

If you cannot get a 0-10 intensity level on a particular movie scene, just assume you still have some emotional charge from it and apply 10 full rounds of EFT on it from every angle you can think of. This gives you a high possibility for resolving it.

5. After using EFT for at least one movie scene (specific event) per day (more if you take the time) for 3 months, notice how your body feels better, how your mind is more open and relaxed, how your relationships improved, how you feel more peaceful... and how your "threshold for getting upset" is much lower.

What was your weight when you started the Personal Peace Procedure? Your blood pressure? Did you have any chronic conditions ro pains that have improved? How do you feel about your job compared to three months ago?

Consciously notice these changes because, unless you do, the quality healing you will have undergone will seem so subtle that you may not notice it. Some people dismiss it saying, "Oh well, it was never much of a problem anyway." This “Apex effect” happens with EFT unless we focus on the subtle (and not so subtle) changes in our life.

A few minutes per day make a monumental difference in my career, relationships, health and quality of life. I urge you to put the idea into practice for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefit. Remember, you won’t get the thrills unless you do the drills… and you deserve to take a few minutes each day to enhance your personal peace!

Remember our motto with EFT: Try it on everything!

Keep tapping for health and vitality!

Love & light,


P.S. Finally! Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the Temporal Tap to get rid of that monkey on your back and be awesome!!!

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