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* This method is adapted from the book "Instant Healing" by Serge Kahili King. The experiences are Gwenn's.

Huna Kane"If you use your imagination skillfully, you can help the body to heal itself."

-Serge Kahili King

I read about the "Radical Recall" method of healing in Serge Kahili King's book "Instant Healing Now," a couple of years ago and filed it into my memory. This process involves changing the memory of how an injury occurred until you actually imagine the entire scenario happened differently, without you incurring any harm. You replay the incident over and over in your mind, each time imagining that the injury didn't happen. As a result, the cellular memory of the body changes and the wound heals. Serge King doesn't have a perfect theory as to why this happens, but he has stories that prove it does. And so do I.

We are blessed to live in a house over thirty years old, with real plaster walls. Before I learned that there are special nails that go easily into plaster, I struggled with pounding regular size nails into the walls to hold up pictures. And I do mean pounding. I was using an extra large hammer one day to pound a nail into the wall of my office. Still, it was slow going, and I was really exerting lots of force. Then I hit my thumbnail square on with this extra size hammer. From the throbbing, I could tell this was a heavy blow that would yield a black and blue nail with a slow healing process...have you ever watched a nail grow out? My first thought was how believable would I be teaching and lecturing about energy healing with a very black thumbnail? So I decided to try the Radical Recall method.

I picked up the hammer again and replayed the action of holding the nail and pounding it into the wall with the hammer. Only this time, I DIDN'T hit my thumbnail square on with the hammer. Over and over again, I missed my thumb. After about 15 repetitions, the throbbing in my thumb disappeared. But it was still red under the thumbnail. So I kept replaying the incident over and over, without hitting my thumb. After about thirty replays, not only was the throbbing gone, but the redness and swelling had dissipated. All that was left from the incident was a pin-sized black dot on my thumbnail that took months to grow out. Just enough to remind me the power of this technique each time I noticed the dot on my nail.

A few months later I was watching a football game on TV that I was really interested in and cooking dinner on my electric stove at the same time. Not a good combination, as I was to learn.

I had the back left burner of the stove set on high, but had yet to set the pot on the burner to boil water. I was, however, already cooking sauce on the stove. And had my wooden spoon in the middle of the stove. As I reached for the spoon to stir the sauce, something exciting happened in the football game. My attention was diverted to the TV, I reached for the spoon and instead found the side of my thumb against the red-hot electric burner. OUCH! I had three white blisters forming on the side of my thumb.

I thought of the Radical Recall method and immediately began physically replaying picking up the wooden spoon while glancing at the game on TV WITHOUT touching the red-hot burner. Amazingly, after about 15 replays, one of the blisters was gone and the pain had eased. I kept physically replaying the incident without touching the burner, and after about 15 more times, the other two blisters had disappeared. This was so cool. Not only was the pain gone, my thumb had completely healed in a matter of minutes!

I thank my thumbs for being such a willing participant in showing the power of this exercise. I am a believer in this technique.

Serge Kahili King tells how you can replay the incident that caused you stress over in your mind without physically replaying it. I think this calls for great visualization abilities. Also, he tells of times that parents have used the Radical Recall method to undo physical harm the child has incurred. Experiment with this method for yourself and for others, either mentally or physically replaying the incident. I bet you'll be surprised, if not amazed, at the results.

Love & light, Gwenn

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