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Huna Kane


E waikahi ka pono I manalo
(It is well to be united in thought that all may have peace)

The Hawaiian energy modality of Huna Kane (inner wisdom of the higher self) is a form of spiritual healing grounded in ancient Hawaiian wisdom with roots in the Egyptian mystery schools. Originally practiced on Hawaiian royalty to ensure clarity, these rites and initiations have been kept a closely guarded secret for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest Shamanic traditions on this planet.

Huna is a philosophy of life grounded in the "secret" or "hidden knowledge." However, this does not refer to a desire to keep anything secret or hidden from others, but it reflects understanding the secret, hidden, unseen side of life. Huna is kahuna wisdom.

The Hawaiian order of Kane (kah-nay) consists of the kahunas who focus on magic, mysticism and psychology —the shamans. These shamans were the Spirit archetypes. Healing through the spirit was their primary activity. The kane is thought of as a "source" aspect, also called the soul, the god-self, or Higher self.

The primary tool of the Kane is energy—mana—that makes up the universe and sustains life. This vital life force, this universal/divine/spiritual power, is in people, places and things. Mana extends beyond the physical being and determines one's level of influence, success, and charisma. Becoming a Kahuna is the journey of learning how to consciously gather mana and direct it to manifest your goals.

Huna Kane is a way of life. Max Freedom Long, who went to Hawaii in 1917, studied Huna and then shared it with the Western world as an author, states, "Huna is a living, practical system which holds fast to the proven while reaching out eagerly to inspect anything new and promising."

As with all great spiritual practices, Huna follows a simple and practical commandment: Think and act with love always. And the philosophy of Huna Kane is based on universal laws, the laws of nature:

  1. IKE: The world is what you think it is.
  2. KALA: There are no limits.
  3. MAKIA: Energy flows where attention goes.
  4. MANAWA: Now is the moment of power.
  5. ALOHA: To love is to be happy with.
  6. MANA: All power comes from within.
  7. PONO: Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Huna offers practices to help you achieve and maintain pono, or balance, such as the Huna Energy Alignment Process. A healthy life happens when all aspects of life are working together harmoniously, maintaining balance between all parts of nature, between the creative and analytical sides of the brain, between the female (yin) and male (yang) energies, between the higher, middle and lower selves, and between the material and spiritual realms. The Energy Alignment helps bring all parts of you into balance, or pono.

Now the Huna Energy Alignment Process is available on audio -- either stream it or download it and you can listen immediately! Click here for details.

You can also use the principles of Huna to direct your energies towards your own needs and desires. The Blessing Meditation, based on Serge Kahili King's "Aloha Spirit," is the secret for attaining true health, happiness, prosperity and success based on the law of nature, "Energy flows where attention goes."

Managing your energies effectively offers healing for yourself and others. I've used Serge Kahili King's Radical Recall method for instant physical healing. And the healing energies of the fourth dimensional Kofutu Symbols help bring spiritual healing energies to yourself and others.

The essence of Huna is to love yourself, to nurture other beings and the land, and to live in harmony with all of life.

Aloha No!

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