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The Blessing Meditation, based on Serge Kahili King's "Aloha Spirit," is the secret for attaining true health, happiness, prosperity and success based on the law of nature, "Energy flows where attention goes," or "What you focus on expands." Understanding the difference between using your energy to bless or curse what you want is the key to consciously creating that experience in your life.

If you want lots of money, for example, do you focus on your lack of money and envy, or curse, those with lots of money? Or do you bless what money you do have, and do you feel happy for those with lots of money? Focusing on and being grateful for what is already in your life brings even more abundance into your life.

Oprah tuned in to this universal law with her Gratitude Journal, where focusing on three things you were grateful for daily to create more abundance in your life.

Blessing has many components, and the Blessing Meditation involves specific breathing patterns and visualizations.

How do you bless? Blessing may be done in your imagination, by touch, by words, or by sharing the energy of love. The main kinds of blessing are admiration, affirmation, appreciation, and anticipation. You can increase your health, happiness, prosperity, success, confidence, love, friendship, inner peace and spiritual growth by incorporating blessing into your daily life.

May blessings be your gift, both given and received!

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