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The Huna Energy Alignment Process helps you achieve and maintain balance, or pono.

A healthy life happens when all aspects of life are working together harmoniously, maintaining balance between all parts of nature, between the creative and analytical sides of the brain, between the female (yin) and male (yang) energies, between the higher, middle and lower selves, and between the material and spiritual realms.

The alignment process is one of the most powerful rites of Huna that can be shared with others.

This ritual aligns the left and right side of the brain, puts you more in touch with your higher self, and raises the vibration of your body at a cellular level.

Initiations and rites are used to open the chakras, stimulate the glandular system, clear blockages, erase past programming that no longer supports your highest and best interest, and support the natural healing powers of the body.

Throughout the entire ceremony, you follow a meditation calling in light and love and releasing anything that ever stood in the way between you and your higher knowing.

This is a very powerful modality. It helps the physical body make all the neurological, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual shifts from fear to love.

If you are interested in making the shift from cell degeneration to cell regeneration, from the descension process to the ascension process, and are ready to walk this planet fully connected to your power, consider experiencing the Huna Energy Alignment now available on CD or as an online audio you can listen to immediately!

Gwenn's Huna Energy Alignment Meditation: a profound experience of bringing love and light in to the very core of your being. (INCLUDES BONUS Aloha Blessings Meditation!) For complete details, or to access the online audio right now, click here.


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