Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine

EFT & Nei Gong:
How a Billion People Stay Healthy without
Spending Money on Drugs, Doctors or Insurance!

by Gwenn Bonnell

***NOTE: This article supposes that you are familiar with EFT
(Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping. If you are not,
please visit the EFT section for a step-by-step diagram of the process.***

How much money do you spend on drugs, doctors, and health insurance for yourself and your household?

What if I told you that literally millions of people spend virtually no money on health care…yet enjoy overall physical health and emotional well-being?

Dr. Susan Smith explained how over a billion people in China stay healthy by "tapping" on a daily basis during an intriguing demonstration…

Does this sound strange to you? A billion people using "tapping" stay so healthy they have little or no need for drugs, doctors or hospitals?

Well, it’s true, and you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn more…

Susan discovered for herself how powerful this simple process really is. After following a daily regimen of "tapping" for about a month or so, she experienced the following benefits:

- A type II diabetic, she no longer needed insulin.

- Her lungs cleared from 18 month of pneumonia (you read right…18 months!)

- A hemophiliac, she sprained her ankle with just normal swelling…nothing like the serious problems she previously experienced.

- Degenerative left hip pain disappeared

- Previous liver and heart problems tested clear

- Her energy level increased, and

- Her depression lifted!

In fact, watching Susan give her demonstration, I would never have guessed that she once had so many health problems…she is now the picture of "energy"!

Susan has quite a story to tell…

An attractive, vivacious blond, Susan was a famous TV talk show hostess in China. I mean REALLY famous…similar to Oprah in the United States. Because she was employed by the Chinese government, Susan was able to travel freely throughout the country.

During her travels, Susan noticed that early each morning crowds of Chinese people gathered in local parks. These crowds would spend 45 minutes "slapping" themselves all over their arms, legs, head, neck, just all over their body. Tapping with their open palms over and over again. Needless to say, she had never seen anything like this before.

Why were all these people tapping? For physical health and emotional well being.

Turns out, if you do get sick in China, and end up visiting a Chinese hospital, the first question you hear is "What's the matter…Haven't you been doing your tapping?"

Even though Susan was health-challenged, she was still skeptical about this, and didn't try it for herself.

Then three close family members passed away within a short period of time.

When she returned to China after visiting her family in the States, Susan was really depressed. Now you might wonder why Susan was living in China to begin with.

She was accompanying her husband, who was earning his Traditional Chinese Medical degree in Beijing. He was being trained by the Grandmasters and learning Nei Gong (Nay-gong, a form of Chi Gong). It turns out what the crowds of Chinese people practice each morning (and again at night) is a basic form of Nei Gong.

After being nagged by her husband and the Grandmasters, Susan finally began to learn and practice Nei Gong to improve her own poor health. You can SEE the results of Susan's Nei Gong practice…she is a living, healthy testimonial of the benefits of daily tapping!

Once Susan returned to the States, she learned Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and discovered that although EFT differs somewhat from the ancient ways, IT STILL PRODUCES THE SAME RESULTS!

She now uses EFT in conjunction with her Nei Gong practice…"EFT Nei Gong." In fact, I saw Susan give an impressive demonstration at the "EFT for Nutrition and Serious Disease" seminar held by EFT Developer Gary Craig in Chicago. Susan makes the point that the general population in China who do the daily tapping has no idea which points to tap…they just tap ALL OVER the body.

Starting in childhood, the Chinese depend on daily tapping to center their energy, to prevent illness and disease, and to keep the mind clear and stable.

You might say that EFT is a more elegant method…most of the time you can get results by tapping on just 8 specific points instead of tapping all over the body. Like the Chinese method, EFT is most effective when you tap with intent. You can focus on clearing the mind of unpleasant thoughts and clearing physical problems, or you can focus on creating a happy, peaceful life.

The main point I wish to make is that the Chinese people practice tapping for 90 MINUTES each day to prevent problems and maintain health. If you need a reason for daily tapping, you now have over a billion reasons!

I wonder what would happen if you regularly tapped (with intent!) for about 15 minutes first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and about three times during the day?

I bet many of your emotional and physical problems would disappear…and you would feel healthier, more energetic and more emotionally balanced!

You may be familiar with EFT; already using it to get results. And you might be disappointed if you don't experience complete and lasting relief from your problem after 15 minutes of tapping. Perhaps this article will change your expectations and give you a good reason to begin, and/or continue, a daily tapping routine! Can it really be that simple? Yes, for most people, it can.

The principle here is that daily tapping restores the natural flow of energy through the body. Illness, injury or stress interferes with the natural flow of energy, BUT…once this energy flow is restored, pain and illness often go away and the body heals itself!

As a positive side effect of tapping, the money you spend on health care costs would probably decrease. The more you tap, the less you spend.

The good news is, it's not expensive at all to learn EFT…and once you learn it, it's free to use whenever you want!

If you're not familiar with EFT, what are you waiting for? THE EFT SECTION on this website gives a great introduction, and my QUICK START TAPPING GUIDE is an affordable way to get started now.

Keep tapping for your own health and vitality!

Love & light, Gwenn

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