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sponsored by Heaven on Earth

sponsored by Heaven on Earth

K.O., Ft. Lauderdale, "Thank you so much for the opportunity of a lifetime. Meeting Gary and being a part of that fabulous workshop has definitely changed my life and my direction for a new career."

J.B., Miami, "Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend. You are beautiful, Gary is beautiful, the people up there spilling their guts were beautiful, everyone was beautiful, (still are.) "Thank you" seems like such a limited word to express what I feel, but it will have to do. (Can thank you's be squared to the nth degree?)"

J.T., North Carolina, "So, you lovely one, I am writing this to thank you for the fact that you chose to arrange the EFT meeting in Ft. Lauderdale AND for the fact that you are the sort of person that allows one like me to ASK for - thank you so much - you are a boon to my life."

D.D., Miami, "Once again, heartfelt thanks for putting on Gary's seminar. It has been the first time that I have experienced such dramatic and in-depth results with EFT. You are one of the most amazing people I know. I'm impressed with how you hold it all together. God bless you and yours."

I.B., Florida, "Thank you for the wonderful EFT seminar you created! It was a major blessing to share space with Gary and see him work his artistry . . . and I thank you for that gift."

G.K., Miami, "Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your organization of the workshop was…I was very impressed and enjoyed myself thoroughly and learned one heck of a lot! I met some really great people and look forward to incorporating all of this when I move to Spain."

A.S., Miami, "It was so wonderful to connect with you at this weekend's workshop. Lots of laughs and lots of good work was enjoyed by all! Your excellent organizational skills allowed Gary's curriculum and demonstrations to run seamlessly. Kudos!"

M.B., Ft. Lauderdale, "Thank you very much for your emotional rescue. Your kind, gentle and most professional manner helped me out of a very intense moment. As always you amazed me with your insight and awareness. You were able to see the whole picture clearer than I did. That is a gift from God as are you."

(developed of EFT):

"Gwenn is one of those masterful EFT'ers who, without formal credentials, has learned to make EFT sing. She has become a very popular and successful EFT workshop presenter in Florida and has now been on radio twice to discuss the merits of this procedure."

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