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A.M., Davie, "I consider the class I took with Gwenn to be the key to one of the most powerful tools yet discovered. It is a tool I use everyday…and can find issues for it everywhere I go. When we tackle an issue, she has a unique grasp on the process and can easily intuit the core issues usually before I do!"

G.R., Pembroke Pines, "I have used EFT many times on myself, friends and family and it has always worked! Thank you, Gwenn, for teaching me EFT."

S.M., Ft. Lauderdale. "Coming to the EFT training has to be among one of the best events of my life. I am trained as a therapist. I have worked in that profession and have been to therapy myself. I have learned more about myself with EFT and have been able to identify and clearly look at past issues and feelings that have led to my current behavior patterns, than I was ever able to do in therapy. Thank you for your kindness and openness."

F.P., Georgia, "EFT excites me. I'm losing weight, seeing better, have a better memory, and am finding myself really tuning in to people for a longer time."

S.C., Ft. Lauderdale, "Gwenn is a GREAT role model for being flexible and effective (and respectful) with clients. Plus she took Gary's advice to heart to "try EFT on everything," and she has LOTS of experience she brings to her trainings."

L.M, Ft. Lauderdale, "Thursday afternoon, while grocery shopping, I felt an urge to buy chocolate candy and ice cream. I told myself I would go to my car, do EFT, and then if I still wanted those items, I could go back and buy them. I did EFT in my car for the craving for chocolate. I got the craving low enough that I left without buying any chocolate… So I went to sleep without having had any chocolate that day, and woke up today without any craving for chocolate. (I never wake up without a craving for chocolate.) "

M.B., Ft. Lauderdale, "I was thoroughly impressed by your EFT Training - it was great! You are amazingly gifted, beautiful, and personable."

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